Primary Program

"The child, making use of all that he finds around him, shapes himself for the future." -Dr. Maria Montessori

Children 3 - 6 years old are eligible for the Primary program.  Children work at their own pace in this multi-age setting, learning from each other or  independently through work with Montessori material.   The goal of the primary curriculum is to help the child develop mastery of self and the environment, self-dicipline and social competence.   Beginning with practical and social skills, children learn to keep track of their belongings, to put things away, and to share materials.   Academics are introduced through concrete, manipulative materials which utilize all five senses and lay the groundwork for abstract thinking.  Activity is orderly which allows children to function independently.  The curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, language arts, math, science, geography, art, music, and in the extended-day program (Kindergarten), the introduction of a foreign language: German.

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